One on one performance + Public Discussion Encounter German and Egyptian performers intercultural dialogue in English German and Arabic

Mi. 11.05.2016   19:00->VIERTE WELT KOLLABORATIONEN, Kreuzberg

Public discussion following 'Earthport'

'Earthport' brings together Egyptian and German performers to question labels and prejudices while exploring ways of connecting in a one on one performance format. This experiment will be reflected together with invited scholars, artists and activists during a public discussion one day after the last performance.

1 An intercultural artistic experiment to shift borders, transgress labels and recreate a healing human connection through performance. 2 Nathalie Frank, Modulleitung Theaterscoutings

A public discussion on the human specific performance "Earthport" will be held at Vierte Welt in cooperation with the International Research Center for Interweaving Performance Cultures (FU). The event brings together -as speakers- the team of the theatre production along with researchers, scholars, artists and activists to explore the experience of "Earthport" closely through the lens of practice, theory and intersectionality. The event is an initiative to study this performative form as a medium of inter-culturality and intersectionality, as well as its ability to contain different fields of communicative actions while making space for a unique acting craft that serves a universal human encounter transcending barriers.

You can now reserve tickets (3/ 8/ 15€) for the one on one performance directly through Theater Scoutings! (up to 1 day before the performance).

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Admission to the public discussion is FREE. 


6/7/8/10 Mai at 5 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm: one on one performance   
11 Mai at 7 pm: Public discussion 

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wann: Mi. 11.05.2016   19:00

Adalbertstr.4, Galerie, Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the Venue:


The core mission of this institution is to bring artistic work back to real life so that it is no longer the producing artist using stories from the precarious and peripheral margins for their work but instead the artistic work producing a break in reality. The institution see itself as a link between the performing and visual arts and the burning societal-political issues of our time.  

About the Project:


In a very special form of theatre, "Earthport" comes as a pioneering experience in the German scene related to intercultural performance. It brings together Egyptian and German performers questioning labels, prejudices, and discourses of "othering" while exploring ways of healing, connecting and visioning a different future in a one on one performance format. 
As an experiment that invests the style of Nullo Facchini's and Cantabile 2 in Denmark, the project investigates the politics of labeling through the human encounter between one spectator and one performer at a time, involving exchange, biographical elements, sensorial aspects and mutual physical actions. It intersects with current waves of activism addressing issues of discrimination and inequality in art production, and interweaves the culture of performance -specifically one on one- with the cultures of activism and that of personal communication across languages, sensitivities and foreignnesses. 

About the Participants:

La Musica Independent Theatre Group/ meet MIMOSA

Founded in Cairo, in January 2000, by actress, director and writer, Nora Amin, La Musica Independent Theatre Group focuses on new forms of theatre expression intersecting with literature, visual arts, movement, dance and film. Nora Amin is interested in discovering new forms of theatrical expression, representing autobiographies and biographies creating physical metaphors. With the use of techniques derived from physical theatre and ritual, literary and poetic structures, improvisation and abstract theatre, La Musica pays special attention to issues of gender and personal experience. 
meet MIMOSA is a performance collective that deals with the state we experience, when our perception of the self or of the world is shaken. It searches a  constructive handling of the consequent unsettlement. The project adds to critical academic discourses with movement, poetry and human presence. It takes heed of emerging emotions, physical reactions and states, researches them and creates through performance a space in which they can be felt and shared.  

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