Theater + Talk Einstein Kafka

Mi. 25.11.2015   20:00->English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center, Kreuzberg

Post-Performance Discussion to 'Transcendence'

A play about the cultural impact of Einstein´s Theory of General Relatiivity and both Kafka´s and Einstein´s search for their Jewish identity and new perspectives – stay after for the talk!

1 Kafka meets Einstein, and Einstein meets Max Planck, and Gullstrand meets Oseen - all against a backdrop of a fierce battle between uncompromising opponents in a decaying society.2 Günther Grosser, Künstlerischer Leiter, English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center3 Lola Fonsèque

You are invited to stay after the show for a talk with Prof. Dr. Regine Hengge, playwright Robert Marc Friedman, director Günther Grosser and cast members Ben Maddox, Logan Verdoorn and Max Wilkinson.

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You are also certainly welcome to simply come by on the day of the performance, but we are unable to guarantee that tickets will be available. 


8:00 pm – Performance 
after the show - Discussion
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wann: Mi. 25.11.2015   20:00

wo: English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center
Fidicinstrasse 40, Kreuzberg, 10965 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center

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About the play:


The foundations of European society were being shaken and World War I was about to deal them a final blow when Albert Einstein presented his general theory of relativity in Berlin on November 25, 1915 – now even space, time, gravity and the cosmos were no longer what they used to be. Everything seemed to be relative, all conventions were crumbling and God had left the building.Within a few years, Einstein emerged as an internationally-acclaimed scientist comparable to Copernicus or Newton. In Stockholm, however, the Nobel Committee for Physics resisted the massive support for his theories of relativity. What was at stake was whether or not a prize should go to Einstein and his “corrupt Jewish science,” as it was called by those who would soon instigate the next European catastrophe.At the same time in Prague, Franz Kafka whittled away at the conventions of literature – transforming sons into beetles etcThey had things in common..

About the participants:


Science&Theatre is a transdisciplinary cooperative project at the interface between science and art. It combines ethical and social aspects of the natural sciences – as they are presented during young scholars’ studies – with the staging of science plays and science communication in theater.Partners in this project are English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center and Regine Hengge, Professor oF Microbiology at Humboldt-Universität Berlin.

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